Sunday, 9 May 2010

red and orange nights.

The night crept in, as it often does -- a soft sea of black closing in on the red and orange canvas. The night was as beautiful as any you could hope to see. In the streets outside; there was a beautiful chill and a strange melancholy to the air. A short walk on this particular night would fuel your soul with a decade's worth of desire and memories and hopes. A guy and a girl could walk and talk and feel the magic; the magic that comes when day turns to night, and boy turns to girl.

But everyone was sitting at home on Facebook writing on walls, poking, and 'liking'. The night was missed, and nobody ever knew it existed.

The End.
Of Our Lives.
If We're Not.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


people are missed
places are gone
no-one remembers you at all.

beaches at night,
talking on her step,
walking on the lower east side.

warm it's so warm all the memories are so warm,
they're a movie in your head,
but does she remember you at all?
does anyone ever remember you at all?

three am and you're talking about the world
a smile a coffee a moment
it's all there
it's a lifetime for you
one night for her

you have a top ten list
amazing days and neverendng nights
that make you who you are
they make it worthwhile

i remember you so perfectly
i remember that feeling
walking home and bouncing bouncing BOUNCING
but do you remember it at all?
or was it just a normal tuesday, for you?