Sunday, 6 February 2011

smash it up

You smash it up and rip it down and turn it inside out. It's all you know to do.

It was something or anything but when it opens up you smash it down. Don't let it breath! Smash it up, tear it down. Why? Why? When will you do it better?

You smash it up and rip it down and wish it was better. Wish you were better.

Let it be let it be let it be. You just want to let it be and see where it lands. But you find it where it starts and smash it to pieces.

You won't get back cause you can't go back and you could be anywhere now. It's a haze, and it's gone. She wanted the tiny little piece of you where it still shone but you smashed it up, tore it down, and left it gone; with nothing around.