Sunday, 24 January 2010

Making My Way Home.

So I always walk that way home, because that's how I get home, it's where I live, if I don't walk that way I don't get home, at least not as soon. So, therefore, I walk that way home.

But anyways, I met this girl and we met up a few times and we had a laugh and I got to liking her and then I text her, and she didn't text back. And I guess, y'know, she doesn't like me, or maybe she's been busy for five days whilst the dog's been eating her phone whilst she's run out of phone-credit whilst she's not-even-looked-at-the-phone-honestly; but regardless, her lack of interest isn't the problem.

The problem is her house. It sits right there, on my way home. The way I have to go, because that is where I live. In fact, when I cross the road - I literally walk almost straight ahead into the window of her house where she lives.

So the problem is this. I walk that way home because that is the way I go, to get home, it's where I live and it's how I get there. But the girl is ignoring me, yet--- I keep walking past her house, in fact, because of the way the road works, I almost walk straight up to her door.

Now, do I ask her to move to a new address? Or am I obliged to find a new route home? Whilst many of you realists will say "it's on your way home so just go home and don't make a big deal of it," this doesn't really sit well. Because, when she comes out of her house, I may be there trundling by---- "Oh, hey," she'll say, "What are you doing here?".

"I'm just walking home," would be my response.
"I saw you earlier on today. And yesterday.."
"Yeah, this is the way I go, on my way home. It's on my way to my house, that's how I get there."
"Right, yeah. Okay. Sorry I didn't text you back, my phone--- it, I don't know, sometimes it just deletes number's of guys and I don't know why."

The moral of this story is, no matter what path you take in life - there will always be rejection waiting at the front door.


  1. Always be on the phone when you're passing her house and if she comes out, give her a wave which indicates 'I can't really remember where I know you from, but hey, I don't care and I'm just being polite.' Then laugh at something the imaginary person on the phone says. Just make sure to silence the ringtone in case it rings when you're pretending to speak into it. The end!

  2. Ooh! I like Tina's idea! You don't need a girl like that ... so let her know it, you don't owe her any favours.

    You just need to keep moving and go to a different front door :)

  3. Just keep doing what youve been dont owe her anything. Id think shed want to avoid you since she is the one that decided NOT to text you back. You did nothing wrong so dont let it bother you. Although Tinas comment is a good one made me giggle! Have a great week-end

  4. I think you should wear a t-shirt that says "I'm stalking you 'cause you like it".

    Or just go with Tina's idea.