Monday, 24 January 2011

girl in the room

that moment
you realize
it's the other guy
she likes.
they sit there
little looks
little moments
you sit over there inside yourself
and you can't get out
you never get out
you fold over and exist no more


  1. i've been reading through your previous posts, all the way to this one from your first post, and i just wanted to say how much i love how you write. honestly, some of the things you write about are things i think about but can never put on paper. i apologise, as this is a little random! but i really think you have such a talent. i'm completely in awe of the amount of emotion you seem to infuse in your words, and you're a real inspiration to me. and for that, i wanted to say thankyou. and i hope the girl in the room, the one you describe, realises one day, that the one she should be sharing those little moments with, is you.