Sunday, 16 August 2009

but i need answers!

she said

i just can't understand why
i don't know why we didn't make it
why aren't we together?
why did we break up?

why did you say you'd go with me to the thing when you had no intention to?
why did you say that you loved me when you didn't.
why did you make all that effort one day only to take it all back the next?
why did you stick around for so long in the first place?

she said

why? why? why? why?

i said

i really, really, really do not care in the slightest. i have no answers for you. just like i didn't a year ago. go away. go away. go away.


  1. Girly stuff. How appropriate. Women do tend to why, why, why things to death.

  2. sometimes things just are not meant to be...its as simple as that!

  3. Oh jeez, whenever the "love" thing comes up even I run the 100m in under 10 seconds

  4. and sometimes it's the guys who why why why too...

  5. and sometimes WHY ...isnt the proper question...its sometimes an answer...Because, its time.