Monday, 10 August 2009


the touch was perfect. it was the arms in the cinema, the hand on the knee in your room, my thumb up against your little finger as we held the thingy on the train so not to fall over.

that's the best we could ever be. let's meet up for some accidental contact, or slight subtle stroking. anything less than that is nothing. anything more than that leads to heartbreak, insecurities, intentions. but the little touches are perfect.

the little hairs on your arms are adorable. your skin is warm and smooth. i just noticed your little bit of a sexy tan.

there is nothing better than a girl initiating an innocent skin-on-skin action. 'oh i'm just reaching for that dvd.' yeah right. 'look at this thing on my arm,' okay.

it might be friendly innocence.
it might be flirting.
it might be raging passions.
whatever it is, i want to delay it.
the touch is everything.


  1. Anticipation is better than sex.
    Disappointment never factors in.
    What is anticipated is longed for.

  2. The second paragraph will be saved in my "things to always remember" folder on my comp as it's something that is said so beautifully and is still so true. This is one of my favorite posts I've read on all the blogs I follow :)

  3. I have to say...this is my new favorite post.

  4. i really want to thank you guys for your contuining praise of my writing, really helps; confidence wise, in thinking i can actually write things that people want to read.


  5. I'm here from Ladytruth's blog - very nice post indeed.

  6. Please stop over at my blog to claim your award :)

  7. Sometimes those first touches are as good as it gets, nothing that follows can ever make us feel as alive as when fingers brush and skin tingles and hearts race.

    :) your posts just get better and better.