Tuesday, 21 July 2009

don't come around here no more.

and you find it hard to have any interesting viewpoint about the weather. but when someone talks about cancer, you know how to talk about it. you know what it is, you know what it does. and you can't help but be a little sad that you're more comfortable talking about cancer than about the weather, or about anything else.

and you know that cancer isn't a thing in the body like the doctors say it is, but really it's this cloud that hovers around, it's like this thing in the air. and it's just waiting. it's just waiting.

and you become much better at everything in life. you realise a problem at work is just a problem at work, and stress is just stress and arguments are just people who have problems with themselves. so in that respect, you're better off. but in other ways, you become scared of your phone. you've been meaning to change the ringer for years. because you feel like every time it rings it'll be that cloud saying 'i'm sorry, someone you love had a lapse in concentration so i entered their body.'

it feels like a cloud that is right there, waiting.

and when that phone rings, you hope so badly that it is just a friend wanting to chat. but chatting with a friend is hard to do because you keep messing that up. you almost feel guilty because, if the cloud was calling--then you'd know what to do, you'd know where to go. you'd know what procedures the guys in white coats are going to do to try and take the cloud away.

sometimes the sun will shine but you always know there will be more clouds on the horizon. you have seen them scattered all around you, more times than you would think is possible; even the devil would be miffed, even a dice would say it's impossible, even the law of attraction wouldn't be this quick.

this cloud has taken people i love, it has almost taken people i love, and it continues to spread rumours of a comeback. personally, i hope it takes an extended break from touring. it's not that the family don't have the power to KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS if you come near us again, it's just that-- we'd rather have some holidays, heartbreaks, heatwaves and healing.

and then we got the news today that 'it's nothing to worry about.' and we smiled. and we kind of broke down a little. and we kind of felt okay. and maybe tomorrow will be a good day.


  1. Great writing...goes without saying really.

    I'm glad the news was good. =) Waiting is the hardest part...

  2. I really love the way you wrote this....I too have had that cloud take those I love...and I sometimes feel the threat of the cloud around me as I keep hoping it will just move on by and let me just keep living my life! Im really glad that the news that you got was good news....and that cloud has moved on by!!!

  3. I'm happy for your good news. I have to say, I'm not a fan of this damn cloud. My dad has his biopsy scheduled for Friday. We can only hope for similar results...after six years of clean scans, here the cloud comes again...lingering, lingering.

  4. A very good piece of writing, I'm also glad you got good news.