Sunday, 19 July 2009

something something nothing nothing anything.

I could have done anything with this day. I could have gone to see you, we could have walked along by the water. And if there was no water there, we could have walked with the waves in our minds.

Thinking about it, I could do anything, on any given day. But I don't. I do something, but it's just a little piece of something that's almost nothing. It's almost nothing.

But if I could do one thing, I would come and see you. I don't even know who you are. I haven't even met you yet. But I am not going to meet you by doing nothing.

I wanna be free from this. Free from this lack of movement. I want to be free from this part of me that locks me away from all that is living. Because I feel it, I can feel the living and it is right here next to me, it is right in front of me -- I just refuse to hold it, I refuse to get in the car with it.

And I know you look at me and you think I'm in it. You think I am following my dreams and you think I am living. I'm close, I'm breathing. But I have not stepped out, I have not lept. I would leap for you, if I could just find you.

Maybe the leap comes first.

*This was written as a stream of consciousness thing, on a whim. I've not read it back. I'm posting it.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

    Who cares about politics and the modern world when you can write something beautiful like this?

  2. wow, thank you. i really appreciate that. it's funny, i look at this post and it doesn't feel like me that wrote it. it was so spur of the moment and so from some weird place in my subconscious that i don't think it hit my mind before it hit my fingertips.

  3. Those are the best kind, I think.