Saturday, 25 July 2009


In 1944, I could have been a Polish Jew, 7 years old-- starved for nine months and then had my little body gassed without my family knowing.

In 1993 I could have been a Muslim woman in Yugoslavia, being raped by Serbian men and not knowing why.

I could be a 50 year old African man in 2009, or I could be that same man in 1999 but I'd be forty years old, or it could be 1989 and I'm 30 years old. And the whole time my family have looked at me to find them water, and only occasionally could I deliver.

In 2003, I could have been an Iraqi school teacher who's just inspired a young child to do a really beautiful drawing. I could have survived my school being bombed with only a broken leg.

It could be 1860, and this white man is beating me because I didn't clean the shit in his front yard quite to his liking. But it's not as bad as it sounds because I hardly knew I was human at the time.

In 2009, I could be an English guy in his 20's who hardly looks at the news at all, hardly knows anything, hardly cares. I could be a guy in his 20's who get stressed when his internet connection doesn't work, I could get angry at people when they don't speak English.

I could have been anything at all.
You could have been anything at all.
These people are all still around us, in different ways.
I don't want to judge anymore.
I don't want to hate.
I want to know about your life.
I want to know where you grew up.
I want to know your history.

I want to be your friend.


  1. Life is beautiful when you take it by its balls !

    Wait to see my movie (sorry to brag about it) ... my script wants to have the same effect then your article on its viewers !

    And I already know that I will achieve it (flop or success) ... just a matter of still being there to make it happen.

  2. A very powerful piece of writing, you have a wonderfully simple and straightforward way of expressing yourself and yet it's packed with raw emotion.

    You're interesting. I like the way you write a lot.

  3. I love your writing style. So true, these things you write about. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sure I'll enjoy many more visits to yours.

  4. It would be wonderful, wouldn't it, without the hate and judgement? I don't think I'm capable of it. Granted, I reserve my hatred for things that deserve it, like pointy shoes and icey stairs.