Monday, 20 July 2009

me, myself, and myself again.

I am working hard to get somewhere, I am trying to prove myself.
Fuck you.
You never allow yourself to rest. You worry that people seeing you resting is proof you're not working hard.

I am always channelling ideas. Hunting them down. Working on them.
Your ideas are not as good as everyone elses.
You need to realise that more truthful ideas will come to you if you let them occur naturally, you need to give your imagination time to breath.

I am worried that people are going to die.
Yep, everyone's going to die the minute they're out of your sight.
You need to realize they are going to die. We all are. What's next?

I want the girl, but I have all these limits. They're in my head. They tell me she's out of my league.
She's fucking hot. She could have anyone. I bet she's fucking someone right now.
You need to shut up and get the girl. You need to realize it always stalls at the same moment, because that's the limit of your personality, based on past experience. Break it. Get past yourself.

I worry she won't want me.
Well, duh.
You need to realise that she might not want you, but why are you worrying?

I want to be doing something great!
You're too boring.
You need to close the laptop.

I want to go places, meet people, do things! I want to stumble, fall, dream and fly!
You don't have the money. Or the time. Or the personality. Fuck you.
You need to say 'I am currently going places, meeting people, I am stumbling, falling, dreaming, flying!


  1. We're two of a kind today, you and I.

  2. Don't you just HATE that middle voice?

    I like to drown mine out with imaginary bagpipes.

    Nice blog :) I like the way you write

  3. I feel the same way about people seeing me rest.

  4. First time to your blog...wanted to say hello! also wanted to say that I find this post very intriguing...alot like how I think ...I always have too much rambling thru my head!!!

  5. Oh, you know.

    Look at all your comments, love! Looks like you're moving on up. ;)