Sunday, 19 July 2009

a loose translation of my inner dialogue.

Well maybe I should say.. Well y'know maybe I should act like, maybe if I tried to.. Maybe if I make it seem like.. what I mean is maybe if I hide the fact that.. What if I tell her that I'm thinking of, or make her believe that I.. well I don't know I just want her to feel as if, maybe if I.. Maybe if, maybe if I, why would she? Why would she?

Maybe I could, maybe I could, hey hey hey, maybe I could just be me. Maybe she'd like that.


  1. Maybe she would.

    I'm glad you decided to keep blogging...and I like the "new" you.

    So since all this blogging is, obviously, for should get busy. Chop chop! =)

  2. haha, get busy? i'm sure i'll still have my pattern of quietness. especially with this type of blogging, it's very much about being inspired in the moment to spout moments of truth, so i don't know how often that'll come. i'll try though. you gotta help spread the word about my blog though! :)