Sunday, 26 July 2009

the simple things

she's a lovely girl
but her tea tastes really weird, what the fuck?
she's such a pretty thing
but seriously, your tea. what the hell is going on? teabag, water, milk. what's so difficult?
she has the eyes of a sweet sweet angel
but this tea tastes like shit. is it some kind of disability? are you fucking retarded?
she has the kind of body that makes me go crazy, i can hardly control myself
but like, i've had a hard day-- i want a nice tea. WHAT IS THIS? WHY DOES IT TASTE SO BAD?
she is so wonderful. and those cute eyes told me they wanted me. and from her perfect lips she shared a little secret, she said "I only want to be with you"
but a blind, paralysed camel with anxiety issues could make a better cuppa than this. get the fuck out, love.


  1. She's obviously not using Tetley teabags ;)

  2. Speaking as a tea-lover myself, I can understand that an inability to make a decent cuppa could be a deal-breaker for even the sexiest girl... Maybe!

  3. maybe someone should show her how to make a good cuppa tea!!!